How would you use the space?

To the west of Saltwell Road next to the main railway line to the north is three large football pitch sized spaces where housing used to be.


This space is to built on with new family housing in the near future.

What would you do with the space in the meantime before the housing is built? What can it be used for? Community projects? Sport or cultural events? What would you recommend?

How do you use the site now? What do you do on it? If you don’t, what stops you?

What would you like to see in the community?

We would like to hear your ideas and thoughts on how these spaces can be used temporarily, maybe a one off event or short term project. Through developing short term projects what long term ideas can be brought to the area of Saltwell for the benefit of the community? What do you feel is missing from the area and how can we, as residents, improve the place where we live?