Saltwell Community Voting Box at Dominic’s Cafe

The voting box will be at Dominic’s Cafe, Saltwell Road from Tuesday 10 July until the Saturday 21 July.

The question on the box until Saturday 14th July is:

‘What Events would you like to see in Saltwell?’

With the options of:

  1. Regular film screenings
  2. Music festival or regular gigs
  3. Community art projects in public spaces
  4. Community space for people to discuss local issues
  5. A website for local people to talk to each other

A new question will be added for the second week. If you are interested in having your question put on the box and answered by the people of Saltwell then text or email to the below number or address.

If you would like to vote just pop into Dominic’s Cafe, the box is very easy to use, (just turn the dial to your choice and then press the button)  and/or email or text your answer to:

Tel: 07910 654714


If you have a question you would like to put on the box, or if you have an idea of where you would like to see it then please get in touch.

Happy voting!


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