The Saltwell Road Project (SRP) is by and for the community of Saltwell, Gateshead with the aim of creating a space, both digitally and physically for discussion, debate and the development of creative ideas and solutions to the issues and challenges that concern us, the community of Saltwell.

SRP will be a digital space where people can be creative, add films, photographs and writing as well as suggest ideas for future events and themes with the support of other community members knowledge and experience. Through this support we will aim to develop physical events in the area for people to come together in the spaces and place of Saltwell to share and develop creative solutions to the challenges that face us in our everyday lives.

The project is very much community led with the idea that every person who has a connection or an interest in Saltwell and the surrounding areas, no matter how small can be involved and has something to say and contribute of value. The intention being that people from all walks of life, with different experiences, skills and knowledge can come together to look at and understand the place where they live, work and play.

Whilst predominantly located around Saltwell Road and coming out of a specific interest in the regeneration and housing issues in the area, the project will use the brownfield sites of Saltwell Road as a blank canvas and as a starting point to animate the space with events and projects. The aim being to look at the area, to try and understand the place and the people that use it and develop an ongoing project for and by the community of Saltwell.


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