Bensham & Saltwell Community Festival

The Saltwell Road Project had a stall at the Bensham & Saltwell Community Festival at the Brigton Avenue School on the 24th June, 12-4pm. The aim was to promote the project and to get local people involved.







Alongside information about Saltwell Road Project was the Digital Community voting box which gives an opportunity for local people to vote on issues that involves the community. The question on the box was:

       What Events would you like to see in Saltwell?

With a multi choice options including:

  1. Regular film screenings
  2. Music festival or regular gigs
  3. Community art projects in public spaces
  4. Community space for people to discuss local issues
  5. A website for local people to talk to each other

Even though the weather wasn’t the best, with pouring rain, we had a good response and some interesting conversations. Images will be added later and the results of the question.

The voting box will now be placed in locations around Saltwell starting with Bensham Grove Community centre from followed by other locations that will be confirmed nearer the time so keep looking for updates. If you want to add a question please get in touch either by phone or email and it can be added to the box for the community to vote on.


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