Bensham & Saltwell Grows…Community Allotment celebration

On Saturday 7th September the cooking and growing parts of the project came together in an event at the Windmill Hills Centre, to celebrate community allotments in Bensham & Saltwell. Working with The 4C’s and professional chef, Rob Stewart the aim was to pick vegetables and herbs from The 4C’S allotment, Rob to prep and cook it, then all sit down to eat and discuss how we can work together to develop cooking and growing interest within the local community. Invited along were members of the Comfrey Project to run a propagation workshop and to talk about what they do. There was also a chance to talk about what underused grass areas could be used by the local community to grow on and to add your community food and growing projects and events onto Bensham & Saltwell’s very own digital map designed by local designer Binary Star.

Thanks to The4C’s, Rob Stewart, The Comfrey Project, Windmill HIlls Centre, Binary Star and to the people who came along for making it a great day. Watch this space for future events and follow ups!

If you want to get involved and find out more about future cooking and growing events please get in touch. Contact details can be found here.













CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_31 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_36 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_39




CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_40 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_35 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_42




CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_14 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_13 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_12




CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_22 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_23 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_24 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_25




CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_32 CommunityAllotmentevent_070913_33








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