On Monday 30th July at 10pm, Paul Buchanan, an artist invited by SRP to collaborate on a one day event, presented ‘Reduction’ on the regeneration grass area off Saltwell Road.

Taking the grass area as a starting point the series of projected still images aimed to put forward possible temporary uses for the grass area until the housing is built. The images that were presented took inspiration from the results of the voting box when it was placed in Bensham Grove Community Centre and Dominic’s Cafe and the question

What should happen on the grass area until the new housing is built?

The images also took into account the conversations had with residents who feel they are not kept informed about what is happening with the land and when the housing will be built as well as the devaluation of the area and the feeling of being abandoned and ignored.

Using simple materials, such as paper and polythene as well as the structure of the buildings around the area, these images were projected into the space and conversations struck up with passing and curious residents.

Reduction 1 from Ben Jones on Vimeo.

Reduction 2 from Ben Jones on Vimeo.




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