Bensham & Saltwell Cooks…

B&SCooks_square logo_small Bensham & Saltwell Cooks…’ is a series of events taking place in Bensham & Saltwell in 2013 concerning the growing and cooking of food. Food as a subject is as a result of research undertaken in the community in Summer 2012. The results showed some community residents were interested in using under-used spaces in the area for allotments; the creation of a community website for local advice and to talk to other residents online; and more information on cooking support and advice for families.

With this in mind the project will involve community members working with a chef to develop a series of cooking workshops through 2013. These workshops will be recorded and viewable online for residents who aren’t at them to comment and ask questions. There will also be an opportunity to add to the website recipes, tips, advice, photographs and videos of food that has been grown and cooked by residents.

There will also be a series of talks set up for the community with invited speakers, both locally and nationally to discuss issues around food, urban green spaces and community and how Bensham & Saltwell can benefit from local growing and cooking.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project please get in touch.

Join the Facebook group

The project came about and was inspired partially as a result of the demonstration at St Chad’s Community Project run by Professional Chef, Rob Stewart who ran a ‘Stress free Christmas event in November for local residents. You can visit his website at



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